Beea Energy: your protein energy bar

27 Sep Beea Energy: your protein energy bar

An athlete has more important protein needs than a sedentary individual. At Beea Energy, we chose rice protein particularly interesting for its virtues in terms of recovery and muscle development. Indeed, it is known to regenerate muscle tissue due to its composition because it is rich in essential and non essential amino acids (leucine).
The consumption of rice protein during and after exercise, helps to optimize the regeneration of cells and promotes the recovery time. Vegetarian athletes are confident in this plant protein, moreover, it has a significant effect of satiety. The recommended protein nutritional intake is between 50 and 60 g for an average weight of 60 to 70kg, and it increases depending on the training intensity. The Beea energy bar contains 10% of rice protein which improves the performance of athletes and reduces the risk of internal diseases as diabetes.

Rice protein remains an alternative to the consumption of soy protein and dairy products which are less digestible, with a less reliable qualities and less efficient*.
* According to an experience from a study published by US researchers in Nutrition Journal.

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