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12 Aug Inca Divide


Inca Divide


Cusco, August 1st, 2017
In the footsteps of the Chaskis Incas, 17 athletes representing 10 countries clashed to cross the Andes by bike with a time limit of 26 days, without assistance. Check out the first edition loaded with emotions and extreme adventures!

6 out of 17 athletes managed to finish the hardest cycling race on the planet
Rodney Soncco representing Peru, Felipe Borja and Mario Villegas (Ecuador), Jean-Luc Moncassin (France), Yoshie Yabu (Japan), Alfonso Donoso (Colombia), reached Cuzco after more than 3,500 kilometers across the Andes and 63,000 meters of elevation gain!

The podium of the 2017 edition of IncaDivide is South American! Rodney Soncco – Peru, is the first “finisher” to have managed to rally Quito-Cusco in a record time of 16 days 21 hours and 15 minutes. Two Ecuadorians, Felipe Borja (19 days, 14 hours and 53 minutes) and Mario Villegas (20 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes) followed the footsteps of the Peruvian without ever worrying about it. Eleven athletes dropped out for various reasons (material breakage, muscular injury, food poisoning, repatriation for personal reasons …).

An unmatched ultra cycling event

The 17 amateur athletes selected for the race had to manage diet, sleep, repairs throughout the event, which did not involve any assistance, except a survival card and a GPS tracker provided by the organization. The challenge was no small one, the race included no fewer than 7 passes in high altitude at over 4,000 meters, temperature variations ranging from -5 ° to over 40 ° Celsius, in the heart of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes. These amateur cyclists realized the feat of traveling in a record time and without steps a distance of 3,500 kilometers equivalent to that of the Tour de France but with a cumulative difference three times greater than this (more than 60,000 meters).

A route to unparalleled wealth and difficulty

Starting from the Ecuadorian capital (Quito), IncaDivide 2017 has been an extremely demanding course. The athletes crossed the vertical Andes of Ecuador following the avenue of volcanoes and the peaks of Cotopaxi (5.897m) and Chimborazo (6.263m). To avoid the mountainous areas, some of them took the risky bet to follow the roads of the Amazon jungle and its torrential rains! They then joined the plateaus of northern Peru at 3,000 meters above sea level on delicate unpaved tracks. Before joining the white cordillera and the summits of the Huascaran (6.768m), participants passed through the Pato Canyon and its 37 tunnels and then climbed the highlight of the race: the Yanashalla pass at 4.720 m. The last 1,500 kilometers, before the arrival to Cuzco, were without break with a chain of climbs of more than 50 kilometers each, to cross the last 4 passes culminating at 4,000 meters!

Official results IncaDivide 2017

Quito / Cusco (FULL)
Rodney Soncco (Peru) – 16 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes
Felipe Borja (Ecuador) – 19 days, 14 hours and 53 minutes
Mario Villegas (Ecuador) – 20 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes
Jean-Luc Moncassin (France) – 22 days, 8 hours and 12 minutes
Yoshie Yabu (Japan) – 24 days, 7 hours and 30 minutes

Cajamarca / Cusco (HALF)
Alfonso Donoso (Colombia) – 4 days, 11 hours and 42 minutes

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